The centers interconnection on the lines general layout

The general layout of the main lines on the Nazca plateau. This structure have about 21x8 km. The centers marked by red are numbered in accordance with the order of the coordinate lines.  Its should be associated with: 3 - Earth, 4 - Mars, 5 - Phaeton, 6 - Jupiter, 7 - Saturn, 8 - Uranus and M - Moon (may be).

The meaningful drawings and the coordinate lines are concentrated in the region marked by yellow. But the third coordinate line and the third center are situated in the focus of the whole layout.
The five pairs of parallel lines linking the centers form the interconnected rectangle and hexagon surrounding the third center.

This is the evidence that the centers' positions contain the sense. The centers are presented as the knots of the volume crystal structure.

The third center (the Earth) seems to connect the two world - the Solar system and other system yet unknown.

What is this layout supposed to tell us?

Or is it a sort of warning?

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