The coordinate lines system

This is the lines layout on the plateau border along of river Ingenio. It present the Maria Reiche catalogue without the animal drawings. The bigest part of meaningful drawings are concentrated in this sufficiently limited region of the Nazca desert. The animal's images have attracted our attention first at all however I was more interested the lines situations. There are several parallel lines (marked by red) at this layout section. After measuring distances between them I have found they related each to other as 5:6:7:8. That strict arifmetical proportion allowed me to number the centers located on this lines, which I called "coordinates". The starting point of propotion was taken to be zero. The unit of this arifmetical progression correspond to 270 m about.
The line marked yellow is the solistice line.

I nave attempted to find other coordinate lines and received the succsess. The third coordinate line have been existed on the Nazca general layout. Moreover the third center have been existed and located in the focus of whole layout.

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