The unique Nazca drawing of "the owl-man"

The unique drawing is similar to a man figure on the Nazca plateau. Its hight is about 30 meters. It is located in the focus of the wholr layout on the small hill slop near the third center. This photograph was made by Eduardo Herran and often was called as "The Astronaut". However this drawing was published in Maria Reiche's book (p.83) earlier. She called it as "The owlman".  One can see that the man drawing is formed by the ground pressure and it isn't distinguished from surrounding surface by color. Why is that?
There are the lines near drawings and connected with it as in other Nazca phenomenon's drawings.
The orther man's images have been situated near Nazca plateau only and they differ with its sizes, styles and the primitive forming. Just they can to concern to the Indians culture.

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