The lines and roads are rectilinear like rays

This is the magnificent photograph of the lines and "roads" crossing over the hill peak on the Nazca plateau. It was took from web page
One can see obviously that the roads' shapes are similar the rays shapes. The reasons of these are:
the striking rectilinearity of the lines, the width limitations when the lengths have not limitations, the smoothly narrowing of the roads.
The hand labor hypothesis can not answer why the roads' contours remain visible even if there are four or five layers superimposed and why there is no noticeable change on the photos if some roads have crossed the rock endcrops.
Fascinating impression is left by the lines and bands which are rectilinear like rays (irrespective of the relief and nature of the soil). There are triangles running tn a chain over the hill peaks. A giant piece of work indeed though fulfilled with an exceptional easiness!
On the aerial photographs the traces indicative of human activities in form of broad and irregular spots, are visible only along the highway and soil road crossing the desert. Look at photo above. How could such labor-consuming activities have remained without leaving a trace?
All these Nazca geoglyphs peculiarities became explained if one have taken the energy nature hypothesis.

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