The peculiarities of the Nazca drawings forming

"Flying Pelican". The path of the bird's wings cutting through the raised edge of the broad "road", puts the stones aside. This is distinctive feature of the drawings. This testifies to the fact that the drawings were made later than the geoglyphs to which they are in some form connected. That's fair when the geoglyph spoils the image too. Therefore one cann't tell that the geoglyph nave been formed later than the drawing!


"Hands with Nine Fingers". One more interesting element is worth noting: as this drawing so the drawing of monkey have a different number of fingers: the right one - five, while the left one - only four. Such insistent repetition could not be just a sort of coincidence. Similar peculiarty isn't typical for the Indians'culures.

Drawing of  "The tree" with a zigzag line. There is an illustration in point as far as the of constructing a drawing is concerned: the line runs rfom the vertex of a small triangle, encircles it, then makes a few zigzags with an amplitude of over 500 m (while gradually getting thinner), form a figure of a "tre" and, at last, reaches a large rectangle. Its total length is 5 km. Why have such complicated way been used if it was forming by hands? It is the absurdity. But it became clear if the method of "the grawing ray" was used. The zigzag line was need for decrease of radiation power and for recieve a slim line forming the image.

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